Before Control Data, there was Engineering Research Associates (ERA) in Minneapolis, building the ERA 1103 computer. Here is where Seymour Cray started to work designing computers. (always click to get the large version)


History of Control Data

The history of Control Data (CDC) is of course quite nicely described in the Wikipedia. I (the author of this site) had started to work at CDC in Frankfurt in 1976, after working at the CDC 3300 at the University in Giessen since 1972.

During my time at CDC, I have collected a number of artifacts that I have scanned in (well, only those on paper, actually, not the core memory modules and other "hard artifacts").

June 2010: YouTube-movie about Plato-History, the first large scale computer-based training effort, with many references to CDC and the history of social computing and the development of all the things we now are very familiar with: e-mail, chat rooms, discussion forums, multi-user games, synthetic speech generation.

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1957 advertisiment for engineering jobs for CDC (click to see full 11-page PDF-document of the early years with an interview with Bill Norris, the founder of CDC




Einen sehr umfassenden Überblick (auch über CDC) bietet dieser Vortrag von Gordon Bell My perspectives on Seymour Cray's contributions to Computing.

(Von Gordon Bell gibt es übrigens eine große Zahl von Vorträgen.)

In 1997 the employee magazine Contact brought a 11-page article The Early Years

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In 1991, after German Reunification, a 1604 was found in working condition. Here the article in Contact (pdf).


On the right hand side a German Language writeup of the history until 1973.

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Left side: an article about CDC and the Soviet Union.

Right side: an article about the very first years and before.



Left side: Considerations in computer design leading up to the Control Data 6600 - the design paper, quite technical in detail

Right side: Control Data Chonology of Key Events -1975 with lots of commercial details and numbers.




Left side: Control Data Concise History 1967-1986

Right side: Control Data Corporate History -1991

circuit board CDC 3000 - link lead to big image with more items



Left side: Control Data History 1957 to present (1991)

Right side: circuit board CDC 3000, with link to lots of images with CDC Memorabily

circuit board CDC 1604 - link leads to big image with more items





Left side: More CDC Memorabily

circuit board sandwich of the CDC 6600 - link leads to big image with more items





the author as a young man




Right side: sandwich circuit board of 6600 and CYBER systems. Link to even more CDC Memorabily. The full assembly into a mainframe is shown in the picture (and link) on the left.


Left side: the author as a young man with a Cyber 173


A lot more pictures are found on this page with CDC CYBER Photos and CDC Advertising Material, where there is also a link to an Desktop CYBER Emulator.

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